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'Home...Away From Home' 

Taken from my first album 'Running Around A Hill' this piece encapsulates the need to find a way back to oneself when it's so easy to get lost.


Title track from my upcoming second album "Blue" 

'Running Around A Hill'

Title track from my first album 'Running Around A Hill.'


Taken from my first album 'Running Around A Hill.'

'Girl In A Red Dress'

Taken from my first album 'Running Around A Hill.' This piece was inspired by the scene in the powerful film, Schindlers List where the girl in a red coat walks through the ruins of her war-torn home.

'My Forgotten Rose'

A piece inspired by a moment being reminded of my beautiful, but forgotten yellow rose bush.

Live Relaxing 2 hour piano performance

This live performance on Instagram was part of an online yoga and piano class I did with Felicity Pierce, yoga teacher on 29th March 2020 during the first lockdown. It was meant to be in person, but world events brought it online.

My playing was supporting and interacting with the class I could see and hear via my laptop. It was watched live by class participants alongside anyone else who was watching my Instagram Live at the time.

I've edited out my intro bit so it goes straight into music.

'Here I Am' by Rosina Buck

An example of collaborative work with other artists. Poet and singer musician Rosina Buck sent me her poem and asked if I could put some music to it. Here's the result.

Poem written & read by Rosina Buck - - with original piano accompaniment written & performed by James Southwick. Video by James Southwick.

In Rosina's words - "A spoken word piece about my journey of recovery from alcohol and substance dependancy."

The Ring of Iron - Harlech Castle

One of a series of 4 videos with original soundtracks. Video, editing and music all by James Southwick. The other videos are on the YouTube channel.

To buy & download the music go to the 

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