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I love collaborating with other creative artists and practitioners. To date I've been involved in workshops, events, wellbeing retreats and recordings with personal development coaches, and dance, yoga, meditation and Contact Improvisation teachers to name a few.
I've also created and recorded bespoke musical pieces to accompany poets, and guided meditations for commissioning authors, coaches and Yoga Nidra teachers.

There is a unique power in live music to transform an event into a deeply personal, impactful and memorable experience. Whether I play solo, weaving my performance into your retreat or event, or offer a ‘duet,’ tuning into the words and energy of a practitioner, who in turn interacts with the music, the whole experience transcends to a new level.

Below are some examples of previous collaborations...

A video from one of the very popular Live Piano and Candlelit Yoga events I have run with Felicity Pierce, yoga teacher. 

Some photos from a retreat I worked at with Steph Satriawan, life coach & Yoga Nidra teacher in October 2022 at the beautiful West Lexham Retreat Centre in Norfolk. Plus a couple of recordings we've made together.

I chose James to collaborate with as his soulful, sensitive piano playing encapsulated the atmosphere I want to bring to my meditations perfectly.

James has been an absolute pleasure to work with on every level thanks to his professionalism and attention to detail.

It is daunting working with someone else, yet with James everything came together beautifully where he tuned into the pace and rhythm of each session with ease.

I have been delighted with our recordings and live collaboration, and feel our creativity combined has elevated my work.

My students were transported to a place of deep relaxation and taken on a meditative journey by James’ s soulful playing.

I very much look forward to collaborating with James in the future.

If you are considering working with a talented, sensitive pianist then look no further.”

Steph Satriawan, life coach & Yoga Nidra teacher - Featherlight Living

Photo of Steph Satriawan

A short Facebook Live post from Tom Fortes Mayer's 'Shine' personal transformational and healing event in London who I have had the pleasure to work with many times.

“He brings pure magic… he is nothing short of amazing”   


Tom Fortes Mayer, FreeMind Project & Freemind Festival organiser  

Photo of Tom Fortes Mayer

Get in touch

Available to perform and collaborate across the UK and beyond.

Whether you're a:

  • music/event booker

  • festival organiser

  • workshop leader

  • retreat centre or looking to run a retreat

  • yoga instructor

  • dance teacher or choreographer

  • film-maker

  • poet, artist etc.

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