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'DANCING WITH DRAGONS' - Explorations in Yin


Saturday 20th April 2024, 10am-6pm

Mill Rd Community Centre, Cambridge, CB1 2GN


Join us in delving into the Yin aspects of the 5 Elements, discovering how the gentle flowing movements of qigong (‘chi kung’) can inform our dance, to the accompaniment of live piano by James. Drawing inspiration from the Water Dragon, we will learn how to incorporate the principles of each element into our dance, and to embody their lessons in our lives. We will ground and nourish ourselves in a deeply-rooted connection to the Earth, move with the heartfelt flow of Water, explore the lyrical creativity of Air, and settle into the profound stillness of the Ether.


A chance to enhance awareness and connection with your own body, heart and emotional energies, and to connect with others in movement, through attuned, reciprocal non-physical contact, and with gentle and responsive touch.


We will move through a Yin-orientated 5 Elements Wave before ending the day with a luscious and relaxing sound bath delivered by Julia.


Facilitated by Bob Blair, in collaboration with Julia Berthon and James Southwick.


Standard tickets: £55

Concessions: £50


Places are limited. To register and book your place please go to: 

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