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James Southwick

Photo of James Southwick on a beach
Photo of James Southwick playing the piano wearing a Choose Love tshirt
Photo of James Southwick playing the piano

Pianist & composer based in the UK. 

Playing since a young child, the piano has always been a place to play and of refuge for me. A way to find beauty in the depths of the human experience. Seeking to express musically what moves deep within us all and find connection with myself & others in that emotional space.

Oftentimes reflective, peaceful and moving, but always a musical adventure into the soul. Audiences have made comparisons with Ludovico Einaudi, Ólafur Arnalds, Satie and Nitin Sawhney, commonly describing my music as emotional, calming, reflective and meditative.


I invite you to take a moment, listen, drop into yourself and come home.


As well as performing at festivals and events like Sofar Sounds, I've collaborated in workshops and wellbeing retreats with personal development coaches, and dance, yoga, meditation and Contact Improvisation teachers to name a few.

There is a unique power to live music to transform an event into a deeply personal, impactful and memorable experience. As well as being able to play solo, weaving my performance into a retreat or event, I can offer a ‘duet,’ tuning into the words and energy of a practitioner, who in turn interacts with the music and the whole experience transcends to a new level.

I've also created bespoke musical pieces to accompany poets and guided meditations for commissioning authors, coaches and Yoga Nidra Teachers.

See some examples of previous collaborations

Technical Equipment details: 

Stage Piano: Yamaha S90ES 

PA speakers x 2: Yamaha DBR12

Mixer: Yamaha MG10XU

Monitor Speakers x 2: Fostex PM-1 Mk2

For events I can plug into the house PA system, but I have everything needed to play to an audience of up to 200 people - I just require a plug socket for my PA system and piano, and a sheltered space in case of rain if playing outside.

Moody photo of James Southwick playing the piano

Testimonials & Reviews

“He brings pure magic… he is nothing short of amazing”   

Tom Fortes Mayer, FreeMind Project & Freemind Festival organiser  



“Exceptional piano skills”    

Divide & Conquer Music 


“I’ve collaborated with James on several occasions creating meditation recordings and most recently on my meditation retreat.

I chose James to collaborate with as his soulful, sensitive piano playing encapsulated the atmosphere I want to bring to my meditations perfectly.

James has been an absolute pleasure to work with on every level thanks to his professionalism and attention to detail.

It is daunting working with someone else, yet with James everything came together beautifully where he tuned into the pace and rhythm of each session with ease.

I have been delighted with our recordings and live collaboration, and feel our creativity combined has elevated my work.

My students were transported to a place of deep relaxation and taken on a meditative journey by James’s soulful playing.

I very much look forward to collaborating with James in the future.

If you are considering working with a talented, sensitive pianist then look no further.”

Steph Satriawan, life coach & Yoga Nidra teacher - Featherlight Living


‘I often play James’s music in my classes. Dancers love it too and often ask about it. It was a real treat when James played piano live in our on-going group. He is such a seasoned, committed and enthusiastic dancer himself and he knows exactly what kind of soundscape can support the dance best at any given moment. Very professional and very fluid.’


Alex Svoboda, founder of freedomDANCE


“We so enjoyed having James as a collaborator on the programme - it was a magical experience indeed for all, rich in connection. His generosity with us all and openness to the experience undoubtedly set the scene for something quite special to take place.”


Ruth Clarke, Inclusion Associate, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


“We loved having James with us at Colourfest.  His versatility allowed us to offer a variety of interesting and creative events, from chilled end of night moods to solo afternoon thought provoking sets.  His collaboration with the contact improvisation was a

beautiful part of the dance event.”


Rowan Cobelli, Colourfest festival organiser


“Listening to James's music brings me incredible peace.”   


Corrina Gordon-Barnes, author & coach


"Huge thank you and loads of appreciation to you, James, for your music closing our retreat, with a sense of love that my heart and soul could just relax and be present in such simplicity, it was truly gorgeous to experience and enjoy."

Ron de Brito, Empowerment, Embodiment & Compassion Coach - and

speaker at the Embodiment Conference. 


"This is truly beautiful (have just ordered your album too). It made me more relaxed than I have been in weeks. I felt lifted. Thanks so much for sharing this with the world."  


Emma P, author & coach



"Downloaded your album. Heavenly music - thank you!"



“That was sick!”   


Max, 15 years old – review after a gig ;-) 

Photo of Tom Fortes Mayer
Photo of Steph Satriawan
Photo of Alex Svoboda
Photo of Rowan Cobelli
Photo of Corrina Gordon-Barnes
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